Draft Agenda
(NB – agenda is subject to change)
Tuesday 16th September
09.00 Registration of participants (coffee available)
09.30 Welcome
10.00  International ISBN Agency update: Report from Executive Director
11.00  Coffee break
11.20  Formal AGM 
- financial report
- membership fees for 2015
- appointment of auditor
- elections of members of the Board
- new members of the Board
- resolutions (vote required)
- chairman’s report
12.00  The Turkish Book Market
 (Mr. Metin Celal Zeynioğlu,Turkish Publishers’ Association)
12.30  Report from the working group on the revision of the ISBN Standard
13.00  Lunch
14:15  ISBN developments

 a) new website and database
 b) report on PIID submissions
15:30 Presentation from Poland ISBN Agency
 (Renek Mendrun and Ewa Komorowska)
16:00ISBN and its place in the book trade supply chain

 a) the purpose of ISBN, metadata and bibliographic databases
 b) relations between ISBN Agencies, libraries and the book trade
 c) fees charged by ISBN agencies
 d) improving services to publishers and value added services
16:30 Close of meeting followed by dinner
Wednesday 17th September
9.00  Regional models and more
 - CERLALC report
 - Balkan group report
 - Nordic-Baltic Group report
 - Arab world regional meeting
 - other regional meetings (ECO, other possible groups) and self-help groups, help from the International ISBN Agency
 - EDItEUR report
 - LCC report
10.15  Coffee break
10.30  Reports on other related identifiers
 - ISTC (Paul Jessop)
 - ISNI (Beat Barblan, Bowker, US ISBN Agency)
 - DOI and ISBN-A (Carol Riccalton, Publications Office, European Community Organisations)
 - ISMN (Hartmut Walravens, International ISMN Agency)
 - ISRC (Paul Jessop, International ISRC Agency)
11.30 Future meetings and Open forum session
 - 2015 meeting
 - 2016 meeting: Vienna, Austria
 - 2017 meeting
 - other issues from agencies
 - summary of decisions and actions
12.00  Close of ISBN AGM